Tuesday, May 23, 2006

dayaa mach gayi.. :(

...................Nothing to write...
Started of with a nice "lets blog now!!" and then by the time the site loaded up.. have nothing to write .. :(

So hope ye all have a gud day....

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Well its been like 40-45 days since my last blog... the hiatus was due to the lack of an urge to write.... quite a few things happened since then..

  1. I became an Engineer. feels wierd, sicne nothings changed but everythinsg changed The entire procedure to become one was slightly trroublesome,.... but alls well hat ends well :D
  2. Am doing a course on Entrepreneurship and Management conducted by FME India, wich rocks big time... Would advise any one who reads this and is lukkha enuf to attend the course.
  3. My exercise regimen has been shot to death :(
  4. My "company" said that I haev to join ,my job from the19th of June.
  5. I havent got a schol as yet.. so life sorta' sucks :(
  6. On the other hand, Ankit cracked UCLA schol, Manish cracked Gatech
  7. Speaking of apps, Vkanade and mandar got their Visas today :D:D Gadya will get his in a ferw days, nay got his visa now... :D (msged so)
  8. Speaking of Ankit, he left for home today
  9. Speaking of today, got caught by cops for turning right where it wasnt allowed... wiljave to get my license cleared tomm... :(
  10. Spent ystrday nite and today morn at Shoans place at Yarri road. Me shoan, shalaa and Meghana ... was fun had delicious chicken Biryani :D...yummm

Shud be regular from now on.. but that depends on the spurts of will that i mite get