Saturday, March 24, 2007

Peace of mind...

Was able to 'find' some peace of mind, after a couple of weeks..
as i have been saying recently,... "Tan ki Shanti, man ki shanti bournvita"
(shanti, is intended, no typos.. the bournivta is just becos the jingle felt incomplete w/o it ;)

Very apt song: Trouble by Coldplay


Thursday, March 15, 2007


Voices can make such a big difference. Two examples.

1. Was returning home from someplace, stopped at a signal. A girl came up from behind, and I overheard her talking in marathi. Call me regionalistic, but unexpectedly hearing someone speak in my mother-tongue felt great. Am unable to describe in words, bt it was a great feeling. Felt as if someone had dipped my heart into elixir :)

2. Was slightly disturbed over some small things. Had generally called up a friend. We dint talk for more than 3-4 minutes, but at the end of that call I was smiling away to glory, (without hearing any anecdotes/witty comments).... Some voices just have that quality which borders on the 'bubbly/vibrant' or like in this case, "pure/innocent", which make you remember that the world is a cool place :) while others may make you morose or gloomy even after you may have won the biggest achievement of your life...

I can continue in an in-depth blog.. but will stop here..
Heres a silent toast to all the positive voices in my life

Au revoir