Saturday, February 03, 2007

Every man dies, not every man lives

Just watched "Braveheart".. A beautiful movie, to say the least. Its a wonder what a man, or more importantly his vision and his belief in it, can do.

William Wallace was able to raise the Scots into a unified army. He defeated the English twice, capturing the town of York, which was the biggest city in Northern England. Had he been properly supported by the Scottish nobles, Scotland could have been an independent nation,  but treachery played against him.

The above words (title) are uttered by William Wallace when he is a night away from a painful death. The princess of England is pleading him to confess and ask for mercy (they show her to be romantically attached to Wallace, after being married of to a wimpy prince). Wallace denied her pleading to accept a painful death. He claims that if he accepts Edward as his king, then all that he is would be dead already. The Princess tells him that the King was old and there were chances of him dying soon , who is also shown to be on his deathbed during Wallace's execution

However the question now comes is that Wallace knew that the King could die soon. If he was indeed the smart guy he has been shown as, he would also have realized the fact that without him there was no hope for the Scots. In this case, should he have sworn allegiance to the king and hoped to bide his time till the King dies and the wimpy Prince ascends the throne?

The final question thus is that should you concentrate on yourself (Wallace's pride) or the greater cause (here Scottish freedom). In the movie, had Wallace lived enough to see the Kings death, maybe , just maybe the Princess would have helped him get out of prison and he could have lived his dream of a free Scotland.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Treachery, the bane of men

Just watched "Braveheart"...  This movie doesnt stop amazing me..  The movie has portrayed the struggle of Scotland led by William Wallace against the English king Edward Longshanks. William was betrayed twice (according to the movie), once in a critical engagement of battle, and at the end he was invited to a meeting, which was but a trap.

Its a pity how nearly every nation and to extend, every ideal has succumbed to treachery. Its a pity how people have given in to the promises of the oppressor, knowing very well that he has later stabbed people in the back, with the hope that their fate shall be better, and that they shall get the riches and land and titles as promised. History is rife with such examples. Even LOTR says that men are corruptible (The Nazgul). Indian history is littered with such stories, where men have sold out.

It is a sad truth of life...
Heres a prayer to maximize the people who choose the right path.