Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My valfi

Am sorry for the long post that the last one was... Couldnt control, [shall use small fonts from now on ;) ]

My valfi was great. Got a sports Citation for swimming (an award to cap the things that I did for the hostel for the last 4 years in swimming)

The food was something thats best not mentioned, though it would be a crime not to mention the delicious fish fingers. Profile-reading started hust 45 min late but considering history tha was great. Mayank recvd a Roll of Honour from us, its the ghighest award that any person from the hostel can dream to achieve, and due to his ill-luck he was unable to recieve it oficially.

Profiles went till 730 in the morn, and am proud to say that I stayed till then. the last profile was of Deva and Ashish Bhansali. My profile was after Mandy's arnd 515.I must admit, mandy did a fine thing of writing it up, which i am sure bond and the rest have helpedin. As usual dint get choked up during the profile. but yes! that sort of a senti high will never be achieved again.Sitting on a stage, surrounded byyour friends, the people who have pulled and pushedu, and whom u have returned the favours, (called favours due to an inability to find the perfect word) it was a experience that I wont forget....

Had a breaker after ages in the mess, with a few friends who had seen all the profiles.... and slept at 9am :D Luckily there isno valfi today.. so will get some much-reqd sleep

I mark this day as DAY A of my life (a habit that I have decided to initiate after reading about Col Jakob of the Israeli AF who served arnd the second Israeli Arab war. He marked all the important, not necess happy days of his life by letters in his diary. I plan to do the same.)

Hoping to see DAY B soon, and happy about all the unmarked DAYs till now

Monday, April 03, 2006

Start of the valfi-s

Yesterday (2nd April) was the second valfi (H7, kelu, yeda heda, llaad, tyagi, sallu, poonia, khandu). 1st April was the second valfi (H13, Bond, Ansh, Mannu, Gadde, Valya) and 31st was the first (H8, Anish Chandak)

Valfi is short for valedictory function. It is primarily on a hostel level, (Insti ad dept level pe jyada aukad nahi rahti ;) ) It is one of the most senti things in IIT, and frankly, I am getting choked up abit when i am typing on that topic now

It is generally the time where most people realise tha they are about to step out of the protection of the insti... Ppl get senti, and a significant number of us cry

Profiles is a puraan of all you have don till date. Its a mixture of ur traits and cracks and haggas in hostel life as well as life, though tese days they are starting to monotonically tend to "ras-leela"......... It is a time of revelation, of sorts... genrally for friends about some of ur unknown traits, or sometimes to urself eg poonia: who came to know that the girl who he was chatting with over the last few months was none but his friend from H13:))

Neways in the hostel it is celebrated by food, profiles , awards and booze :D -- generally in that order

13 ke valfi mein Anshu ne roke raat kharaab ki... 7 mein ye kaam sallu ne kiya...
these events made me realise the enormity, The 'senti' nature tho always acknowledged, isnever felt unlessu are the one sitting in the bucket chair (generally used in all hostels) yourself. I personally dont know what my reaction will be tonight (3rd April)...

Sallu and Anshu infi senti hue the broke my heart at times, to hear them talk.It made me think of the times that me and mandy have talked about the things that we will miss here.
We had become senti at the start of the acad year, and I still rememebr climbing the convo slope enroute to a lecture, when mandy had said, "today is the last x August we spendhere, .. rather each day is the last 'that day' that we shall spend here"
May seem too senti, but thats the way life is...

Glancing back on the year since thn... I am proud ki as usual ghaggamaara hai .. not a year exactly to be proud of.. did a few good things but overall efficiency is down...
Have spent a lot of time with friends, but that isnt a waste. Had fun at max efficiency.
Hagga-ed at GRE, OK-ed toefl, screwed up last sem compared to others [me, mandy hagga-ed the same with a 8.11; though when I informed him that our SPI was 8.11 over YM,our instantaneous reactions were \:d/ ], and screwed up the BTP oon an absolute scale

Made a few friends, strengthened a lot fo friendships, and let loose a couple, Helped a few friends significantly, was depressed by minimum, was hurt by none, (thankfully)
Learnt a lot of things, forgot a few, taught a few & dropped a few teachings (though cant be sure ;) cos if i knew what i dropped, then technically i havent dropped it yet ;) )....

Have become neutral on things like God,(but do find myself praying, even if its a general prayer like"for the betterment of the country/gloabal entities, not limitedto me or my circles) and am unsure on the exisence of meta physical activities...

Had a lot of discussions with a few people, spammed amongst friends on gud ideas (some related to RDB), saw friends commit and break up and broken friends recommit. fell out of love, and fell in love with love.

The year was filled with blunders (BTP choice), and good decisions( Robotics, NKK courses) badluck (rescheduling NKKs lecture) and miracles (first stage BTP presentation ;) ) and hoped miracles (BTP second stage :)) =)) ) and hoped good choices (NEMP)

The year saw Gads crack a GOD strike rate wrt Univs, Bhalu a full schol at CalTech, Mandar a late full schol to ASU, Asmi a lateee reject to Stanfy [poor female :( ], and me a early but stuckup app at UCLA. I also saw ppl notcutting their hair for each others schol and apps :)) (who else but vkanade, purshya and mandy)

Did min of sports, had 3 failed attempts to maintain a regular regimen of exercise, no injuries acquired consequently

Though I had started on valfies, I ended up capping up my year till date.. not badd,

Lets c what happens at my valfi today :D
Signing off,